Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watch me swing like a pendulum

Hormones, a women's best and worst friend, when else can you get away with being completely irrational and neurotic and everyone just go on about their business.

The last few days have been hard and the hormones have been raging.  Loads going on at work, lots of stress, Haven's EEG, Britt is sick and the house is still is disarray.  Needless to say I can swing from loving and adoring my family to wanting to move to Tahiti alone.

Today is a good hormone day, so that is a positive...for me and the family!

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A Jersey Girl said...

Glad to hear it! Here, not so much. I am very tired and completely without routine and that is saying a lot since my "routine" is so unstructured to begin with:) I wish I could turn the switches on and off like you do, moving for patient, to mom, to student, to housekeeper/cook onto nurse is not working for me!!!!
How can I go from Cockfighting in Bali to puking kid in seconds???? Teach me!