Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sometimes, just sometimes, the stars align

and you have an awesome outing.

Today is Brittan's dance day.  Ry used to take her, but since it is from 11:30-12:30 and his schedule had changed so he was working Saturday nights, it was really too hard on him to be up that long. So last I started taking her, and well, it wasn't so great last week.

Today we had a plan.  We brought Britt in and got her to class.  It is crowded when dance first starts because of the class before hers, so after she was in class, Grayson, Haven, Teagan and I walked down to the coffee house.  I got an iced coffee, Haven an Italian soda and Gray a banana smoothie and everyone sat and drank nicely (Teagie had some cheerios and a bottle of juice). We killed almost a half hour there, so next we started our walk back, and on the way, there is a Subway so I stopped and got sandwiches to bring home for lunch (two $5 footlongs to feed us all!)  Made it to the dance studio just in time to see the last few minutes of class when the parents can watch the recital dance and then we started to leave.  As we left, we noticed the pool place next door had a bunch of stuff set up outside, and there was an ambulance and police car for the kids to see and the parks and rec people were we went and explored. They had a bounce house, big slide, games, free...yes FREE hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixins', tons of goodies for the kids and we had a blast.  Kids all ate there, and then ate their sandwiches when they got home...piggies...and they got lots of fun stuff.  Gray got to climb in the ambulance, his absolute favorite thing to do, and Teagie loved the bubble machine.  Kids bounced and slide and played games and it was super fun, free and right there waiting for us!

We came home, they were happy, they played, baby napped, I ordered the rest of Haven's b-day gifts....really good afternoon with the kids, and tomorrow starts the hubby's weekend...wahooo!

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