Friday, May 14, 2010

OBs, sick babies, bananas,oh my!

Things can change so quickly when you live in a house with many small people.  Yesterday Britt was getting over being sick and I *thought* Gray was coming down with it.  On top of that, my anemia took over and I was just wiped out and feeling really badly (to help you mamas who know iron levels, I can easily be a 6 early in pregnancy...and they want a minimum of a 12, 10 for me is stellar).  The husband decided to stay home since I was feeling so sick, and thank god for that since we put Teag down at 8 and she was up every hour until midnight, then up most of the night.  She had a fever and a gross nose, bad combo for a baby, so she was miserable. She has barely napped today, we get about a half hour at a time with her, so I cannot express how happy I was that he was home to deal with her last night so I could get some rest.

So today I went off for yet another OB appt.  This is appt number THREE and I am not quite 10 weeks....that is crazy since I never saw my old OB until I was at least 11 weeks!  Plus they have me scheduled to see them again in four weeks and the high risk OB in four weeks where I will get another ultrasound.  So weird for me since with all my other four, I never saw them on the little screen until the big 18-20 week ultrasound.  I am a bit annoyed I have to see the high risk doc, my other OB never made me do that except first pregnancy, but alas I will go because they want me to, it isn't far and hell I am old as crap this time around....I will be "advanced maternal age"  EEK!

After the OB, grabbed Gray from pre-k and hit the store for a few goodies for dinner (spiced chicken enchiladas if you must know) and was thrilled to see the packs of bananas on sale for 25 cents each!  Now my kids inhale bananas, and some of these were getting soft so I only grabbed four bunches, but may go back tomorrow for more.  The really soft ones have already been mashed and frozen for banana bread.  Some were made into chocolate covered frozen bananas for dessert tonight, some more will be made into banana muffins tomorrow and I have plans to make a nice fruit salad that will have some added.  The remaining 12 or so will be devoured by my kids by tomorrow afternoon.  Best damn dollar I ever spent.


Christine Deppen said...

I hope everyone feels better and you all get rid of the crud. And where on earth did you find bananas for $0.25/lb? They are typically $0.69/lb down here! Good find!

Rebecca said...

Christine....they were not 25 cents a pound, they were 25 cents a BUNCH :) I got 4 BIG bunches for a dollar! It was at our local Aldi's, I stopped for a few things and they were getting soft so they had a bunch of boxes marked to 25 cents a bunch. The ones I got were pretty good too, only 6 really soft ones that I froze. Bananas there are 39 cents a pound which is awesome since my kids are banana vacuums

Christine Deppen said...

Wow, that's a great deal!!! I like ripened bananas anyway, and it is easier to make banana bread that way. I've only been to Aldi's once. Aside from markdowns, is their produce generally fresh? We do most of our shopping at Walmart, but I won't buy produce there because it is usually bordering on bad. So I buy at Publix (grocery store).

Tribe Mama said...

Christine....I would not go to Aldi's for fresh produce, they are good in a jam or if I am there I will get tomatoes, onions or bananas, and it is cheap, but not so fresh. We are entering farmers market season, so that is where we will go. Our Aldi's is brand new, just a few weeks open, so it is really clean and nice, so I do go there for stuff like tortillas, flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc since it is super cheap and I was there getting tortillas for enchiladas when I saw the cheap bananas which were an awesome deal, so I nabbed them!