Tuesday, January 17, 2012

These are the days

that frightened me as a young mother.  That kept me up at night whenever we were expecting and our family was growing.  This is what I feared.  Not college payments, or feeding the masses, no...it was mass illness.

It got so bad here last night.  So. so.bad.  Haven went down, then Teagan was up sick again, and then Finn had diaper after diaper explosion.  Then the hubby was sick again, then Brittan this morning.  The carnage was impressive.  We had to completely toss a mattress...an entire mattress.  Multiple loads of laundry were done, pillows were tossed out as well.  I would clean a bathroom for the last few healthy ones to use and one of the sickies would use it and I would then reclean.  I spent the day with whining, crying babies climbing all over me, Lysol spray and cleaner being wielded everywhere I went and the constant hum of flushing and the never ending washing machine running.  I put the entire family, even those who are well, on a strict diet of chicken broth, white rice, poached chicken, toast, tea and Gatorade.  Finn is not even being given anything beyond breastmilk since he is looking so worn out and I am worried he is getting dehydrated.  Teagan mainly drank Gatorade today but finally looked a bit better by evening.  My only goal is to keep the babies out of the hospital and for the biggies to rest.  The little ones have been so sick for so long I am closely watching them for dehydration and really need them to turn the corner tomorrow or they will need to go in for fluids.  It has been hell, and I was right to be afraid, but we are managing and hopefully we will start seeing improvement soon.

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