Monday, January 16, 2012

Onward and upward baby!

So...the plague is still ongoing and the locusts have started coming as well, figuratively speaking.  Teagan and Finn are suffering through the tail end (pun intended) of the stomach bug and we are doing lots of extra laundry as a result.  Teag spiked a fever last night as well, but since getting it down she has been ok and even ate a little today!

Took Gray to the ped this morning since he has been really tired and pale.  They check his initial numbers which looked good, but the doc was concerned after examining and talking with him so off we went for a full blood workup.  Results will trickle in all week, and hopefully he just has a virus that he can't kick.  While out with him, the hubby called to tell me the heat stopped working and it was 60 degrees in the house.  Swell.  I also needed to get a new kitchen faucet since the old one decided to blow out the inner tubing and leak.  Got Gray's blood drawn, called our home warranty people (best decision I have ever made) and they arranged to have someone come right out, got home and the hubby built a fire to warm things up then back out to get the faucet and a few other needed items.  Then home again, helped with lunch and straightened, then loaded Britt and Finn in the car to head to Finn's cardio appointment.  Are you tired yet, cause I sure was!

While at the cardio, the tech came and fixed the heat (YEAH!) and we got decent news from the cardio. She was not seeing the heart rate spikes or any issues with oxygen which was good, but his gradient on his heart went up a bit more. He is at a 25 and around a 50 we start thinking surgery, so we have time on our hands which is a relief.  He goes back in 9 months and we all just assume he will slowly keep going up until he needs the surgery, but that shouldn't be until he is in elementary school :)

Then home again where it is warm and toasty and the stuff that I threw in the crockpot for soup smells grand, and we are finally seeing the day turn back around.  Now just waiting for good test results for Gray and all will be well.

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