Friday, January 6, 2012

I am thinking of making Finn his own blog

Because that boy is taking up too much space on here with is ever changing "stuff"

So....we thought his stomach stuff was over, Gray was feeling better and so was I.  So off to work Ryan went last night, I settled the kids in and I was actually having a nice evening (this should have keyed me in) when Finn woke up, cried once and puked everywhere.  Joy.  It was 10 at night and all the bedding and jammies were in Teagan's room where she was fast asleep.  Plus I needed to figure out how to clean him and the bed, go get the bedding and jammies and somehow watch the little guy all at once with two hands. Thankfully, for some reason, Haven was still awake and came in and calmly said, "I heard you say Finn puked, need a hand?"  God love her she can be a pain sometimes but she saved the day.  Stripped Finny and she watched him while I cleaned everything up, grabbed bedding and jammies and got him back to bed.  Sometimes that oldest kid rocks.

Today we headed to the ped for Haven and Finn.  Haven needed a weight check and it was confirmed she has only gained a pound in six months so we are looking into adding an appetite stimulant or changing her meds up.  We have to wait until after her EEG next week to make changes...sigh.

Oh and Finny has been having weird high heart rates.  Clocked him at 180 last night, and between 170 and 180 a bunch of times in the last few weeks as well as 150-160 pretty regularly.  Ped checked and first check showed heart rate of 178 and oxygen of, that about made me fall over since that usually equals a ride in an ambulance.  Thankfully when we checked a bit later it had come down to 144 and 99%, but I am guessing that his heart rate keeps spiking like that and his oxygen levels may be plummeting when it happens.  Good thing he sees the cardiologist in a few weeks!

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