Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sticking with the word of the year

I am really feeling a change in myself and my outlook since I decided to try to see everything in a positive light.  Now don't get me wrong, mix a cocktail of too little sleep, a messy floor and missing breakfast and lunch and that goes straight out the window...just ask the hubby about the salad he brought me that had the dressing ON it and how I had a meltdown.

I am trying to be thankful and positive in my actions.  I feel more present lately.  I feel more alive.  Most of all, I feel more aware of what has always been in front of my face.

It can be big things like Finn's health or small stuff like a missed lunch date, but I am seeing the flip side these days.  Today I was supposed to have a lunch date that fell through.  My response was no biggie, and it wasn't, it was an opportunity!  The babies and I finished up what we were doing at the grocery store and decided that we had extra time before lunch so we went and drove by a few houses we had seen listed.  Then we came home and instead of being bummed about not eating out, the babies and I got a chance to try the homemade yogurt I made last night with blueberries and honey and the verdict was, YUMMY!  Then since I had some extra time and the babies had full bellies and were playing, I made the guacamole for dinner and halfway through decided that maybe we would go out instead, now I have dinner for tomorrow started.  I also made a batch of granola for the big kids to have with their yogurt, I know how much they love granola.  Whole doing all this my sitter let me know she could not watch the two littles tomorrow when Haven has her EEG and I decided that we would all just go and it would be fine, because it just has to be.  Maybe we will even stop for an ice cream when we are done. Positive is working for me.

Life is full of unknowns, and we don't know what tomorrow brings for our family, so I am trying my best to enjoy today.

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