Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 1.11.12

Today it is cold and dreary outside, but inside we are happily celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary!  This is what we call our "practical" anniversary as this is when we were legally married in front of the magistrate and the July anniversary is our "fun" anniversary as that is when we had our actual wedding party.  We have our ups and downs, but I am so excited to be entering into this next year of marriage!

Today was off to a great start.  Finn had his speech/educational therapy appointment and his therapist was thrilled with how much babbling and pointing he is doing. We are making leaps and bounds here and I am so excited!  I can only hope that his health does as well as his physical/cognitive development.  Time after time his therapist said she was excited, thrilled and amazed by Finny.  With his diagnosis he should be struggling with walking, squatting, grabbing and he is doing almost as well as any other 13 month old.  His chest and shoulders are still weaker than we want, but he is getting better every day.  His speech is coming around, he almost says uh-oh and he babbles back to us when we talk.  He now copies speech patterns when he babbles and we love hearing the inflection and use of pitch...amazing!  He also saw the ENT yesterday and while his tonsils are a bit big, they are not bad enough for us to need surgery...hooray!  The doctor thinks the snoring/breathing issues are a result of his condition and his tissues are just soft in general so everything falls back when he sleeps.  We are trying some things to help Finn sleep better which in turn means mama sleeps better.

We are trying for a quiet day here, I have a few work calls and I am making our first ever batch of yogurt (I will let you know how it comes out) but otherwise, a down day here hanging with my favorite people.

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