Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Things we do for/to our kids

Tomorrow morning I will wake my four kids at 6:30 am to throw them in the car in their PJs so we can drive to a house at the back of our neighborhood.  At that house, I will then hop out of the car, grab two big boxes and bring my sleepy crew home where I will have the girls get ready for school as I put away the contents of the boxes.  What are we getting you ask?  Chicken and bacon.  Yep, tomorrow is our monthly pick up from Quail Cove Farms and we will be getting about 12 packages of chicken tenders and 6 packages of pork bacon...mmm bacon.  While the kids are not thrilled about the early pick up, they know that the food they are getting is the best we can find for them, and that it is important.

Once the girlies are off to school, Grayson and Teagan and I are off to the farm for our milk pick up.  The weekly drive is not one I look forward to, but knowing that the kids are all drinking hormone and antibiotic free milk is very important to us.  We also get the yogurt we feed Teagan there, as well as various fruits and veggies, honey, beef, eggs, occasionally cheese, ice cream (SO good) and other goodies.  Is the drive long-yes, but it is so worth it!

When Ry starts his new schedule in a few weeks, we will also begin a bi-weekly trip to the farmer's market on Sunday mornings. The treks, the hauls, the hard work is all worthwhile as we know that the food we put in our bodies is the healthiest available.  So tomorrow, off we go bright and early, and you bet your bippy there will be bacon for dinner in this house tomorrow!

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