Sunday, June 6, 2010

When life is stressful...I cook

I am anxious today.  I had a weird night filled with bizarro dreams (thanks pregnancy hormones!) and I woke just feeling off.  I tried to talk with the husband when he got home, but he was too tired ti engage me, so I vented to a good friend who let me complain about how I hate my house, and I hate my yard and I hate not knowing what is going to happen with Ryan's job and how I hate not having a plan....and then she helped me see that our house is big and roomy and while not ideal for me, comfortable will fit our tribe, that the yard is spacious and exciting for the kids who can explore the creek and the woods, that if Ryan lost his job and somehow could not locate another one in IT we would be comfortable for well over a year and if he did find an IT job out of state, we would somehow make it work until we could all be together.  She is a good friend and I feel much better.

However, once those anxiety fibers are in an uproar, I have nervous energy to burn off, so I decided to make a huge Italian feast for dinner,  Thankfully the Aerogarden was well overgrown with parsley and basil, so I made a batch of meatballs, and then started a pot of homemade sauce filled with veggies that will simmer the day away.  The homemade pasta dough will be made, rolled and cut when Ryan gets up around 3:30...he is the resident pasta cutter, and I have my recipe for foccacia sitting on the counter waiting for 1:30 when it will be time to make the dough.  The house smells fantastic, and while I fully expect to be exhausted by 3:30, it will be well worth it to enjoy this dinner with my family, and to be thankful for all we do have.

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