Friday, June 25, 2010

The bright spot

The new schedule has been tough.  By five I feel like crawling under the couch to hide from the children's requests, and the dinner/cleanup/bath period is very overwhelming and when I miss having Ryan home the most.  However, come 7:30, a small miracle happens.  The kids all come upstairs while I put Teagan to bed.  They play in their rooms or finish up brushing teeth, and when the baby is asleep, I come out of her room and head to mine to relax with a little mindless TV.  It is during this time, that the three big kids trickle in and out, and I am loving the time we are having together.  Tonight Brittan came right in, snuggled under a blanket on my bed and we chatted. The other two kids came in a little while later and we all talked and they played and it was really nice. Last night Haven and I spent some time together, and it was so relaxing and such a special moment that I would have missed if we hadn't moved to the new routine. 

It has been hard, but there have been some really great moments that have come out of it.  The kids said that they really like the time in the evenings and that they like that they can read, watch a movie, play or visit with pressure.  In a house full of people, these small talks, these one on one connections, really matter.

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A Jersey Girl said...

What great moments to have with the kids. I hope the schedule gets easier.