Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the days fly by

Wow, it has been a crazy few days.  Ryan worked a four day week last week, and with the end of school, and everyone being crazed, I was in tears many an evening as we tried to adjust to the new schedule.  For him, he works his rear off all week working 12 hr days with 4 hrs of commuting and no time with the family, for me, I juggle kids and work in 24 hr shifts without a single break.  On the bright side, he took today off, and it is his short week, so he only works Thursday and Friday :)

The kids had their combined birthday swim party on Sunday and it was perfect.  It was really hot, 95, but not humid at all so the kids really enjoyed the pool.  We also avoided the often common dinnertime thunderstorms, so that was a relief.  We followed the party with dinner out and dragged out exhausted crew home.  It was worth all the time, effort and sleepiness and I think we will repeat the triple threat party next year :)

I am starting to feel some bumps and wiggles from the new baby.  Not all the time yet, and not consistently, but Baby Five Alive is beginning to may his (?) presence known.  I am getting excited to meet him, and curious as to where our very full household will end up in a few years!  Hoping Ryan can secure a contract position here in VA for two years allowing us some breathing room, but again, time will tell!

Today is a chore day, kids have laundry to deal with and packing for their trip to see my parents.  I have a playroom to prime and paint and Ryan needs to do some work on the bathroom.  Always tasks to complete around here, but they get done...slowly but surely.

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