Saturday, June 5, 2010


Humans, as a species, adapt well.  We adapt to changing schedules, environments, lifestyles, amount of sleep, etc.  As a mom of four (soon to be five) I have had to adapt.  When I first moved to VA I had a two bed/two bath apartment that I shared with my dog.  In the three months I lived there alone, before Ryan moved down, I had a cleaning routine.  Every Friday night after work, I would order a pizza and I would start at the bedroom and work my way towards the front door cleaning.  Usually by the time the pizza arrived, the apartment was clean.  Then Ryan moved in and I had to adapt.  He was messy...actually back then he was a SLOB!  He also liked to leave the TV on (I hate the extra noise) he liked to sleep a lot, he was just not on the same page as me.

As any couple does, we adapted.  He cleaned up more, I accepted some things, some very, very small things!  As kids came into the mix, I had to be willing to accept toys on the floor, clothes left in the bathroom, spills at the table and all that comes with having little people.  I would venture to say that anyone who walked in my house on a given day would not think it to be neat and orderly.  However, I always strive for clean.  I dust twice a week, I vacuum at least twice a day (combating Newfoundland hair and kid mess), I wipe the kitchen after every meal, the table after every meal, the bathrooms are cleaned multiple times a week and I pick up endlessly. We are not a show house.  At present we are a house in pieces with the master bathroom floor half torn up, the playroom in shambles and a few other small projects being completed, but the floors are vacuumed, the dishes clean, the bathrooms are presentable. It is all about adapting, and looking back now, I couldn't imagine not having all these glorious kids, and the messes they leave me!

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