Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby guesses and the last day of school

It has been a busy few days here.  Yesterday I saw the perinatologist and they did a ridiculously long ultrasound to which we found out that the baby is healthy and looking good :)  Both the doc and the tech think that it looks like we have a little boy coming in December, but we will confirm everything at the next ultrasound in a few no buying boy gear until then.

Today was the last day of school, and I am looking forward to skipping the morning rush during the week.  My kids are awesome about getting up and getting breakfast, and heck, they girls will even get Teagan and give her some Cheerios or yogurt to let me get a few extra minutes, so I am looking forward to a little break.  I need the break with Ryan's new schedule, which is really causing us both stress.  He is working a four day week, 12 hr days alternating with a 3 day week, 12 hr days....sounds good except when you add in the two extra hours of work along with the now two extra commuting hours due to double rush hours and that means on work days, it is a 16 hour time to spend with us :(  He leaves before dinner now, so the kids miss having him do bedtime, and I miss getting any break at all during the day....but we are trying to adjust. The days he is home will be awesome, but the work days are long and tiring for a preggo mama who has to work as well. 

Today the girls had early release, so this morning Gray, Teagan and I had breakfast out, when the girls came home I took them to get their summer haircuts and then because I was tired and wanted to celebrate the end of school, we hit our favorite Mexican place for was well worth it and really cheered up the mama who was a bit down in the dumps.

So we are adjusting and excited about the new maybe baby boy and nervous about what the future is a time of great flux in our little tribe, and I hope on the other side we have nothing but joy and happiness.

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