Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pit of Despair

No I have not fallen in :)

Hubby tried to make good...I will forgive him because really, do I want to raise five kids alone?  Plus, most of the time he is pretty swell, so I will just use this to blackmail him so I can name Baby Five Alive the name I like and he doesn't.

Ugh, so it is residency weekend, otherwise known as, sit all day for multiple days getting the beejeezes scared out of you regarding your comps (mine are done yeah!) and dissertation...with a closing class of "Yeah you are so smart and lucky and elite and blah blah blah" which does NOT make up for all the fear they dished out!  At least I got to ignore the comp exam stress and watched the people around me sweat about it. I also met with my dissertation chair, Dr. Bob,  and he is really great, seems interested in my topic and seeing me succeed and seems like an all around great guy. I am sure in about 15 months when I am gearing up to defend, I will think he is the devil :)

Cramming in 12 hours of meetings/driving, plus regular work, plus my family wasn't is also recital weekend, wooohoooo.  So tomorrow after waking at 5 am, leaving at 7 am, getting out of classes at 4:30 pm and needing to drive two hours home....I instead will go to a HS to see my girls dance, and then get ice cream and then come home and work.  Did I mention that Sunday's session starts at 8, so I get to leave at 6 am, **sigh**.  I will happily nap on Monday and dream of dissertation fairies that look like Dr. Bob dancing in my head :)

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