Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It is my birthday

and just like all other has totally, and completely sucked. I can't even go into the depths of suckage, just imagine your worst birthday, and I am sure you will be close.

Onwards and upwards I guess.  Tonight is the girls dress rehearsal for their recital.  Sounds like fun to be in a HS auditorium with all four kids until way past bedtime....oh and we need to leave before dinner time.  To combat the angry, hungry child syndrome, I made some oven baked honey mustard chicken strips, pasta salad and strawberries to combat the hungry crazies.  I will pack it up and bring it with us, and I hope it will ease the beasts.

Tomorrow I get to spend the day cleaning up, and then Friday I need to be out the door by 7 am to go to a conference.  I am just hoping to make it home by bedtime for the kids :(

Saturday is recital day, but again I need to leave at 7 am to go to a conference then leave there at 4:30 and rush to the show hopefully in time to see my girls.  Ugh...did i mention I need to go on Sunday too?  And that grades are due?  And my normal work?  BLECK...I need this weekend to be over, today to be over, and I am skipping my birthday and all other holidays from now on, they are just a huge disappointment.  Oh I wish my husband could just be thoughtful once.

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