Thursday, June 3, 2010

This post is brought to you by my shiny new Mac

Yes it arrived, and just in time since my PC laptop was nearly I just need the software that is required to do my job and we will be fully operational.  I cannot express how happy I am that my boss went to bat and got me the new system, I really need to be on the Mac to help when students have questions, plus Adobe works so much better on a Mac :)

Today was a good day that started rough. I woke the kids at 6:15 to go pick up our chicken/bacon order and they were less than thrilled with me.  Literally woke them and walked them right to the car, all of us in our PJs!  Thankfully the house we need to pick up from is just a few blocks away, not so thankfully the very nice hostess packed our stuff in coolers and I had a hell of a time getting one of the boxes out.  Came home, separated the stuff into two groups, mine and Emily's, put ours away and got on with the morning.  Kids were troopers, they ate and then the girls got ready for school, I grabbed a shower and then got Teagie and Gray ready.  I managed to even get some work work done and the dishes before hustling the girls out to the bus stop and getting Gray and Teagie in the car.

Off we headed to Emily's to drop off her chicken and bacon and pick her and Maggie up for a trip the the farm, when the hubby called and had that tone that made it clear that he either got a ticket, got in an accident or got bad news at work.  It was the last one.  Seems his company will be laying off 50% of his department on or around August 1st...yeah?  We talked and I think we will be OK.  First we don't know if he will be laid off.  Second, there are a bunch of positions available in other departments within his company (HUGE national company with headquarters in VA).  Third, the severance package is good, especially since he has been there seven years, we should get a full 5-6 months pay, and we can always get benefits through my company.  So WORST case scenario, he gets laid off, can't find an IT gig so takes some other job making less money while looking for work and we use the severance to help make up the difference, which should last us well over a year then.  So we moved on and made a short term plan.

Anywho.....Gray and Teagan and I grabbed Emily and Maggie and ran to Wegmans for a few staples then off to the farm.  Dropped them all off (except the baby!) and ran home to get into bathing suits for the first trip to the pool!  Met them up at the pool and we had a blast.  Teagan LOVES the water, she doesn't mind being splashed, she kicks and plays and loves being bounced in the water...such a little water baby!  Grayson did great and seems very interested in getting better at swimming, which bodes well for swim lessons this summer and I was thrilled to be in the sun, getting fresh air and the freckles on my face and shoulders are out in force, as is the very red sunburn I got today.

Day ended with a crazy thunderstorm during our delicious dinner of homemade blueberry pancakes and some of our new bacon, which was delicious in its nitrate-free, antibiotic-free, hormone-free glory!

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