Monday, June 2, 2008

Water babies

OK, so not to beat a dead horse, but Gray didn't sleep well again last night. Oh well.

We had a good morning, got some things done, went to pick up CSA and I know Haven will be thrilled as there are sugar snap peas in the bag today! Gray napped in the car, which is a good thing since I am picking Haven, Brittan and Declan up from school to go to the pool. I love when we hit summer, everyone's mood improves and it feels so free!! This i why I keep considering homeschooling, I think my kids would really enjoy the time at home and the more flexible schedule!

So now I am quickly making chicken parm so that I can leave it in the warm oven while we swim. Then when we get home, all I have to do is make the pasta and toss a salad and we are ready to eat. Summer rocks!

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