Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rush rush rush

I feel like this week is barreling by!

Today, as promised, I am taking the kids to lunch and the pool. We decided to go to the farm tomorrow as they have a special on pick your own strawberries ($1 a pound!) and the weather looks to be perfect tomorrow.

I am still not anywhere near packed, but I will start today when we get home from the pool. The Fallon kids will be here, so I am hoping they will entertain each other while I finish laundry and pack for Ryan and I. Tomorrow morning I will pack the kid's clothes, have my conference call and then we will head off to the farm. Thursday Haven has a riding lesson at 9:30, then we will go to Brittan's birthday party at noon, then home to finish getting ready for the trip. Friday, if husband will watch the kids, Emily and I can get the rest of the food we need, and I can get the car cleaned out and ready to go. Saturday morning I will pack the food, we will pack the car, drop the dog off and we will be on our way!


A Jersey Girl said...

No more blogs about all WE need to do, it makes me nervous:)

Anonymous said...

If you get too many strawberries, I'll buy them from you!
P.S. Vaca sounds so great! I hope you girls have funnnnnn!