Saturday, June 7, 2008

Feelin' HOT

It is really warm today, and looks like it will near 100 degrees. The whole family had a busy day, the kiddos and I loaded into the car and drove Brittan to her birthday part. While we were in Fredericksburg, we got gas, for ONLY 3.76 a gallon! Being that it is about 3.93 here in our town, I was happy to get the cheaper price. We dropped Britt off and then ran to grab the kids some lunch. Off to the farm to get milk, as we were alomost out and I can't pick up our milk order until Wednesday. Back to get Britt and then home to see hubby who was sweating outside replacing the dryer vent cover. Then Gray and I took off for the grocery store to grab some things for dinner.

Now I need to do some grading and make dinner. The kids voted for homemade mac and cheese and grilled BBQ chicken sandwiches with cheddar cheese and of course salad.

I have to say, I was very happy when we were at the grocery store and the things my kid begged for were bananas and cucumbers.

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