Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Growing up on Long Island, my husband and I know all about fleas. Being that LI is mostly sand, fleas are a major issue and one that our families dealt with each and every spring and summer. Since moving to VA, we have never had any issues with fleas. I have always used the cheapy flea treatments you buy at those cheapy stores, and they worked just dandy. This year something went wrong.....

The cats don't go outside, but the dog does. The dog was treated with the normal cheapy thing in May, and a few weeks ago we noticed the kittens had some fleas. I bought them the cheapy treatment and treated the dog and all three cats. Well, three days later and still fleas, so we bathed them all in dish soap on the advice of the vet (that was NO fun)

Fast forward a few days and...they still have fleas. So we bought a spray and sprayed the, and then three days later we sprayed them again as instructed, sprayed the carpets etc. Now I hate pesticides, so it sucked having to spray.

So tonight I check the cats again, and I saw fleas again. Now they have never had A LOT, but if I see one or two, that is enough for me.

Tonight I sucked it up and order the really expensive treatments. I just spent $100 on treatments for all three cats and the dog. The stuff had great reviews and claim to kill adult fleas in a few hours, and will kill the buggers that are on the floor and jump on board. The only down side is I won't have this miracle treatment until Monday :(

Damn buggers!


A Jersey Girl said...

I am hoping it works:)

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of luck with brewer's yeast and can buy it as a pill.