Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So proud I could burst

There are very few moments that my children make me so proud I could cry, and today was one of those days. Haven, my oldest, has struggled with reading and writing, and we are sure the child has dyslexia which has aided in the problem. This year it all clicked for her and she can read beautifully.

Today she had awards at her school, and in kindergarten and first grade she always won the kindness award, especially when dealing with any students who face challenges, including her friend K who is in a wheelchair. While Haven can be a lot to handle at home, she is always empathetic and tries to help anyone who needs it.

Today at school she earned the Super Reader Award for her class. I also saw that she and my middle child were in the top 10 for their grade level in reading points. For Haven, this award meant she has come full circle and is finally able to work through the challenges she faced and is able to show her true potential. I knew that she would be getting this award before I went in, and was so proud, but then she earned another award. Haven and two classmates earned a special award from central office given to children who help those in the special ed program, such as K. She was nominated for this award by a number of teachers, and it made be so proud that she could be so kind and giving. We were given copies of the nomination letters and it was so amazing to see all of the kind words spoken about my girl.

While she can be my most difficult at home, I know that when she is out in the world, she is really a spectacular kid.

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