Saturday, June 7, 2008

A good cup of Joe

When I asked Ryan for my own coffee roaster for Christmas, I never knew just how much I would enjoy roasting my own beans. Even though it makes the house a little smokey and smelly (so says Ry, I like the smell) I love the freshness of the coffee, and that I can control how deep the roast is.

As I have been trying different beans, I have found that I really enjoy a dark roast coffee. Prior to roasting my own, I never liked the taste of dark roasts, they were always bitter or burnt tasting. Now I know that the beans I used before were either old, or over roasted, dry or stale. Nothing compares to a roasting a batch of beans and making a fresh cup of coffee, it is by far the best tasting coffee I have ever had in my life. I encourage all coffee drinkers to buy a small home roaster (mine was only about $80). The green beans are cheaper, and usually free trade organic, and so much better than the roasted beans you find in the store. Roast in small batches, I do under a lb, and enjoy a cup of coffee as it should be.

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