Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sleepy Awareness

Husband let me sleep in a bit today, which is really good since I haven't recovered from Grayson's middle of the night conversations last week. I woke up and the house was messy (really messy) and the kids running around, and toys strewn about. What I realized in that moment was that if I had been up first, the house would have been cleaned, but that would have been the only difference. While my husband has the avility to push each and every OCD button I have, he is a great dad and he really was nice lettin me sleep. I will need to vacuum and do the dishes, wipe the table and dress the kids before we leave in two hours to take Britt to a party, but I am thankful I got a little extra sleep and that he got up and made the kids a hot breakfast and made sure they were happy.

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