Monday, June 2, 2008

Pool was a bust

Never fails, just when you think you have all your ducks in a row....the cosmos messes with you!

I left to pick the kids up at school. That means Gray and I got in the pickup line at about 10 to 3, the kids came out at 3:30, I gave them juice boxes and snacks. I had the girl's bathing suits ready to go, they could change at Dr Tom's, all the towels and toys were neatly packed and dinner was ready to be finished at home. When we were almost to Dr Tom's (which took forever, damn construction) Em called and said the pool was closed :(

The kids were sad, but we went to Em's and they played in teh sprinkler and had popsicles, so it wasn't all bad. Then it only took 20 minutes to get home (it is only 6 miles or so) Then rush and finish dinner and throw the kids in the bath.

I am sleepy now.

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