Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wisdom....where does it come from?

Yesterday was a busy day, I needed to complete my Comp Exam rewrite and wanted to send it in a few days early to ensure that the faculty mentor they had assigned me had ample time to review it. Around 1 pm, while Ryan and Gray were at Ikea poking about and the baby was napping, I finalized the paper and emailed it over. Needless to say I was stressed, but I had better things to worry about, like the wisdom tooth extraction I had scheduled at 3 pm.

Went to the dentist and had the extraction (no stitches!)and stopped and dropped off the Percocet script on my way home. I ended up spending the better part of the afternoon high on Percocet and with an ice pack strapped to my face, laying in bed watching mindless TV. Then my Blackberry vibrated and I saw the message from my dean.... I PASSED MY COMPREHENSIVE EXAM!

For a doctoral student this is a HUGE accomplishment. I now have ABD (All but Dissertation) status and I am considered a Doctoral Candidate rather than a Doctoral Student. May seem silly, but at this level of education, this is a big deal.

My dean has already requested my area of research and potential committee members, Hopefully in just over a year I will have a pretty little "Dr." in front of my name and I will have accomplished the hardest task I have ever set for myself besides being a good wife and mother.

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Christine Deppen said...

Congratulations! I am proud of you!