Thursday, April 29, 2010

OCD+Big baby nap =

one productive mama.

I planned to take it easy today, I had promised a pesto tortillini salad for the teachers at the girl's school, and I made it first thing this morning so Ryan could run it up when he got home. The rest of the day was to be easy, run the vacuum, maybe switch laundry, but mostly just veg since I really need a down day, but then it happened.....the baby decided to take a looooooong morning nap. She went to sleep and I knew it would be awhile, so Grayson and I decided to make a chocolate cake, which was quite the adventure being that it was the first time he helped make a whole dessert! We made the cake in two layers, and since Teagan was still sleeping, we used some of my canned strawberries to make a strawberry layer for the cakes. She was still zonked, so I took the chicken from Monday's dinner and started stock. I am planning to make lemon chicken orzo soup for dinner, and once the stock is made, the rest comes together quickly. So, since the baby was STILL sleeping, I decided we needed something with the soup and made a batch of bread that is now off sitting for it's first proof. My house smells delicious, the stock is bubbling, the cakes are cooling and the bread with its yummy yeasty aroma is rising. The laundry was switched, the floors vacuumed and I feel accomplished, happy and content at my ability to care for my family.

Now if only that baby would wake up so I could play with her!

BTW...I am hoping to share my big news tomorrow....still taking guesses :)

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