Friday, April 16, 2010

Biscuits baby

I have made biscuits before...from the can, from a mix, from a box. I have always been afraid of making real scratch biscuits because I worried they would be tough or flat or hard. I have no fear of yeast breads, but there is something about cutting cold butter into flour that makes me cautious.

Tonight we were having a chicken cacciatore-esque meal and I did not get home early enough to make focaccia which was what I originally planned. So when my girls came home from school, I asked them if they wanted to make biscuits with me. Haven wanted to read, but Brittan was up for the challenge and we got down and dirty.

We of course doubled the recipe so we would have leftovers for breakfast, but the process was easy, even cutting the butter in! It was a great math lesson for Britt since we doubled the recipe, she had to practice doubling measurements. I rolled the dough out so it would stay tender, and she was the official biscuit cutter, and she did great.

We baked them off and when they came out I was so nervous. They smelled great. They looked fantastic. Then we tasted and they were so, so good!

Biscuits will never come from a can in this house again. I always have the ingredients on hand for homemade biscuits, flour, salt, sugar, butter, milk. It was really quick and easy to make, and I felt good giving them to my kids. Heck, even the baby indulged in a biscuit!

Tomorrow morning the kids will get biscuits with farm fresh eggs for breakfast. Delicious.

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