Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new day dawns

Had an early start to the day today, Teagan decided to get up at 6 am, but she was so happy and smiley, that I had no choice but to get up with her and play. We came downstairs and made some waffles since the kids love to have a homemade breakfast before school and it is not often that I have the time.

Got the girlies off to school, switched laundry and a few other tasks and then Teagan and I dozed on the couch for a half hour while Grayson played. The rest of the morning was lovely, laundry was switched, dishes done, lots of playing and I got all of my work work done for the day! After lunch, Gray went off to play, the baby went up for a nap and I got a few more housekeeping tasks done before settling in to relax for a bit.

All I have left is to make dinner and straighten up, maybe I will make some cheese. Haven has dance, but Ryan will take her, and I am thankful for a quiet and peaceful day at home.

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