Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today-the midday recap

So far so good on the are the highlights.

Awesome yummy breakfast of eggs and cheese on biscuits.
Hubby came home early and attacked the evil honeysuckle outside
Haven did her punishment chores without complaint
Laundry was washed
Bathrooms were cleaned
Floors were vacuumed
Dishes were washed
My work work is done
15 papers for PT school (out of 47) are graded
Bread is rising
Baby took awesome morning nap
Britt has a good dance class

Still on board for the afternoon...
Need to finish the brisket that is cooking for dinner
Need to make potato pancakes for dinner
Need to start the pizza dough for tomorrow night's Make Your Own Pizza Funtacular
Need to make another batch of Mozzarella cheese for tomorrow nights Make Your Own Pizza Funtacular
Need to start seeds
Baby needs second nap
Laundry needs to be switched
Dishes need to be switched
Need to grade another 15 papers
Need to write a paper

So far so good, lets hope the day continues to be productive....and did I mention how yummy the brisket smells??

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