Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Nine Months Teagan Jayne!

Oh where has the time gone?

You are such a joy to us and I cannot imagine life without you. You bring us all happiness, always quick with a smile and laugh to show off your dimple. You are also one busy baby! You crawl well, pull up on everything, cruise the furniture and our legs and can easily get from laying down to sitting. You are working hard on getting to standing, and I am guessing you will be walking long before your first birthday. You love to crawl to your toy bin and pull out all of your toys, and you think peek-a-boo and the itsy bitsy spider are great entertainment. You are a sneaky devil, always going for my laptop or cell phone, and you can pull everything off the couch in a few seconds flat. You love your siblings and light up when your brother or sisters enter the room, reaching for them to take you to play.

We love you Teagie Jayne!

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Ree said...

Wow...can't believe 9 mos. already!! Where does the time go?? I can remember when you announced you were preggo!! Seems like such a long time ago!! Best Wishes!! ♥♥