Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tribe Happenings

Just a few bloggy minutes to spare, so here are the happenings around the ole homestead.

1. We are trying to figure out who Bad Bob is...Teagan yells all day "Baaaa Ba" so we are on the lookout for this character!
2. Gray has a fever..looks to be a virus a friend has, no biggie.
3. Hubby is off to NY tomorrow to deal with his mom. Don't envy his task, totally envy that he gets to eat all that yummy NY food :(
4. So sad that hubby will be gone on my only days home with him
5. Even sadder that next week I will be away on business on my normal days off with him and the kids
6. Teagan eats like a horse, seriously she can pack it away and she is following in the footsteps of her siblings eating anything and everything but enjoying the things with a stronger flavor and texture most.
7. Girls had a full week of school
8. But they are calling for more snow this week
9. Again, why don't I get to run away for two days to the place with good pizza....oh yeah, i don't want to deal with the MIL situation.

Off to grade and then put someone down for a nap, and sadly that someone is not me

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