Friday, February 5, 2010

Mean or Motivated?

So Teagan is teething and somehow has decided that 3 am is an excellent time to wake up, scream, nurse, poop and then be all cute. She pulled that this morning, and during her cute period, managed to wake her brother who quickly became an whacked out leaping, spinning, noise making animal. That was lots of fun for the tired mama, and I was stressing about needing to go to the grocery store with all the kids with the 20" snow storm approaching and teh resulting crowds. If I could have avoided the store, I would have, but we were out of food as a direct result of having the kids only attend school for four hours this week, and I needed to go out and brave the crazy stores just to get food to survive!

So, as it rounded 5:30 am, the two kids that were awake and I voted to wake the older girls up....well, I voted for Teag. Woke those two girls up,and I admit I got a little wave of joy after all of the early morning wake ups they have given me, and told them to hustle. Fed everyone a hot breakfast, threw them in the car and made it to the store by 7 am! It was not too crowded, and somehow we survived and made it home with food supplies. The pickins were slim, but we made it out and the kids were rewarded with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and so was the very tired mama.

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