Thursday, February 18, 2010

Screw it all, I am taking a day

The girls are off to school today again, two hours late, but off they went. I know it sounds bad to say that it is calm and easy when they are gone, but it is. They get bored being here, especially when we are house bound and even playing outside is an ordeal. They enjoy school, seeing friends and the stimulation they get there. In the summers, I plan activities to combat the boredom, I find things for us to do to allow me to work and them to have fun, but these two weeks of unexpected captivity really threw all of us.

Since they left at 10:30, Grayson and I have had three really funny conversations, Teagan and I played with her blocks, they both had lunch, dishes were done, the bathroom was cleaned, the house was vacuumed and laundry was switched. I did some basic work, emailed some folks and obviously I am blogging. That is in under two hours. This makes may day much calmer, as does the decision to take the day today for me and the kids. I need to do some serious cleaning, and that will commence once the little one goes down for her nap. I needed to play with the two littles, since they don't get my attention as much when I am juggling the demanding older girls and work. I need to do a few small, small, small things for work and I decided the rest can wait until tomorrow. And finally, I need to just relax, since I have a yucky cold, and I have been stressed beyond belief for the last few weeks.

Today, I decided, is MY day. MY day to straighten up since it makes me feel better. MY day to play with the kiddos. MY day to blog :) MY day to relax. I still have a mile long to-do list for work, but tomorrow I will be better equipped to handle it. So today is the day I am taking for me, my kids, my family and my sanity.

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