Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is when I go for mom/wife of the year

OK, when I go crazy and get stressed, I tend to overcompensate because I feel bad for my family. Some traditional moves I make include: really intense and ridiculous craft sessions, over the top and difficult from scratch dinners that include the kid's help and crazy excessive outings.

Yesterday I went for the crazy outing, but overall it went well with the exception of me wanting to crawl in a hole and die from exhaustion somewhere around 8 pm. The kids and I got up and ready to go and then waited for the hubby to get home since he had taken my truck to work. Before he headed to bed, the hubby helped me load the masses, he threw the stroller in the car and off we went. First stop was lunch at Red Robin. Kids were so so so good! Haven and I shared a huge cheeseburger, I had onion soup, Britt had a kids burger and Gray a pizza. They behaved, they ate and everyone was happy. Then we headed over to the big mall where Carters and Old Navy were having big sales (40% off!) and I had coupons for 20% off and $10 off a $50 purchase! My goal was to get the baby outfitted for spring and summer and I think we did really well! I ended up spending under $120 dollars and got her 11 full outfits, 3 shirts, three outfits for a friend's baby and a dress for me! In addition, I got two $10 off $35 purchase at Carters and another 20% coupon that I can use together in March, so I will be able to finish buying her spring and summer clothes including her PJs! I am also super excited because I got her this beautiful white dress that looks like ones my other girls had at her age and were favorites of mine :)

After some serious shopping, and fending off Haven's request for clothes even though the child has more than she can wear, I treated the kids to Dippin Dots and we were off the Wegmans! Somehow we even managed that outing and got everything we needed with no yelling and no tears! Came home, made dinner and then ran to CVS to get the last few goodies for Valentines Day.

Today I am going to try to win wife of the year. I am looking for hotel rooms in NY for the summer right around Brittan and Teagan's birthdays. Husband is thrilled because he will be able to see his friends, and I am excited because the kids and I will happily sit on the beach with pizza for three days.

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Anonymous said...

Show-off:) I am glad the outing went well. After days in the house one can never be too sure:)