Monday, February 22, 2010

Shock and Awe

Here is the thing, if you were to know me casually here in my town, you would often see me out and about with 1-4 kids hanging off me. You would see me eating lunch at Carlos, or at Target, or at an event at the kids school. You would also know that if I am not one of these places, I am probably at home since you would see my car in the driveway when you drove to the elementary school nearby.

You would see me walking around with my pony tail, minimal makeup and jeans. You might hear me talk about what I am concocting for dinner....but here is when it gets interesting. Sometimes when someone talks to me, I mention something about "work" and when I do I get this series of confused looks and then the "What do you do" question. It is almost amusing to see the gears turning, and I often wonder what these folks are thinking, where do they think I work? It gets even more fun when I mention I am a professor. I watch their face change as they search my face to see if they should laugh at the funny joke I made or if I am serious. Then comes the "Where" question, and I explain my work from home professorship and my PT gig at the local University. It seems this always throws them. I am not sure if I simply don't "look" like a professor, or if I am too young to be one in their mind(haha...I just want to be too young for something) or maybe I just don't seem smart enough, but it always makes me giggle inside when it happens.

So there you go, just another reason to not judge a book by it's cover, it may be a very knowledgeable least on one subject :)

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