Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the grind...sort of

FINALLY the kids went back to school! They have been off for almost two and a half weeks, with a measly 4 hour school day in the midst! They had a delay today, but they went, and that is all that matters.

I am also back to work this week as PT school reopened following the blizzard(s)! In bad back to the grind news, Ry's family has reared their ugly heads...seems there are issues with his mom, her mortgage, etc again. I really don't want to deal with this, I don't want Ry to deal with this and I am annoyed that we are expected to fix things. Well the one thing we know is, we will not be offering to take her in this time, and unless the only choice is us or the streets, she needs to figure this out for herself. Sucks when we are forced to deal with this garbage when they never show any interest in our lives and have never been here for us during tough times.

In good news, Ryan and I just booked a hotel on LI for July. We really miss getting up there, but his family never has room for us, and we feel like we are stuck with them if we do stay there, so we decided to make our own trip. Em's sister got us a ridiculous rate at the hotel, making this so so affordable. We are not really planning on seeing the family, maybe for a dinner or something, but we are hoping to take the kids to the beach, to a diner, to see friends, etc. I am SO excited to get to go home on our terms!!!

OK, off to shower and get dressed for class. Good times.

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