Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The good, the bad, the stressful

Well the DC metro area has set a new record with the 2009/2010 winter being the snowiest on record ever. Did I mention that our forecast has snow on Monday and next Friday and that yesterday's snow was "supposed" to be only a few inches but then became a blizzard? That snow in the forecast makes me nervous.

My husband and kids have been here the whole time. Ry worked from home Friday and Saturday and has been off through today and will need to work from home tonight too. He may be able to get out tomorrow night if he takes my truck, but we will have to see if a plow comes down our road.

The good to having everyone home? I get to sleep in, no morning rush, lots and lots of family time, the snow is pretty.

The bad? Cooking and cleaning constantly! Feeding the family has become a full time job, not to mention doing dishes and laundry. Having housebound kids makes for messes, and I am done with the constant busy noise that comes from a houseful.

The stressful? I don't get snow days from my FT job and the courses I am writing, however the PT school has been shut down. So trying to work has been tough. Thankfully I am almost caught up.

Kids are off through Friday at least, we will see what happens since Monday was a scheduled day off that they may make a school day to make up some snow days, but then again, there is snow in the forecast.

Off to start cooking some more...I will post some of what has been cooking here the last few days, and yes I am quickly becoming fearful of feeding the tribe once they get bigger and Teagan begins eating!

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