Friday, August 12, 2011

Um, what did I order?

It has been wacky the last few days.  Our bank was bought out by another bank and everything switched over last weekend.  Then on Wednesday I get a call that someone charged a plane ticket in Australia on my debit card...swell.  Got that taken care of thankfully, because seriously, nobody better be flying around Australia on my dime except me!

Then today I ordered....drum roll please.....running shoes.  Like for real running shoes that should cost a ridiculous amount of money AND I got the sensor that goes in the shoe and syncs with my phone.  In one regard I find it really amusing, and if you could see me run right now, you would seriously consider why I got running shoes, BUT, I really want to keep the program going and well, I got some junk in the trunk so I need to protect the tires, or axles, or whatever the car equivalent is for my knees and feet.

Anyway I have been researching the best shoes for my needs and knew I wanted the Nike+ technology so I found the style shoe I needed and began pricing it and all together it should have been about 160 bucks.  Then today I found them on sale, with an additional coupon, through EBATES with 10% cash back and free shipping!  It was like the stars aligned and the running gods said, "Run tribemama, run with your jiggly rear and order those shoes!"  So I did, and for about 80 bucks I am getting my new sneaks and I'm so stinkin' excited, and the running gods are pleased.

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