Thursday, August 25, 2011


Things here have been crazy and busy and emotionally filled with big time highs and just as big lows the last two weeks.

Finn-Saw genetics, posted about it, basically we are riding this one out and waiting to see what happens when the testing is done.  I am crazy worried about his cardiology appointment next month, for some reason I feel like things have changed, but that could be my paranoia.  He has started babbling more and he is still a big, doughy, ball of sunshine.

Gray-He turned 7 last Saturday and his day was negatively impacted by my stupid Father in law.  I won't write much on it since I don't want to upset my husband, but this man is the most selfish person I have ever met in my life and I am tired of him choosing anything and everything over his son and grandchildren, one of which he has yet to meet.  He totally screwed up our plans, but we fixed them as best we could on Gray's actual birthday and then had a great day Sunday, we bowled with his friend's family, went to Cold Stone Creamery and then scoped out some land we were interested in.

Earthquake. We felt it, it was super weird and it was located only about 50 miles from our home.  Being that we are used to crazy explosions, low flying military aircraft and the occasional sounds of machine gun fire in the distance thanks to a local military base, it is saying a lot that this threw us.  Thankfully there was no damage and aside from the aftershocks that are a touch off putting, the earthquake is behind us.

The hurricane.  We are waiting to see what tomorrow brings, but it appears we are in the line of fire here.  Being that we have a very wooded lot with old mature trees that sit on a hill behind our house, we are planning to leave and stay at my sister's house on the west side of the state.  While I am not afraid of a hurricane, I am worried about damage from tree branches and would rather not have my kids be scared for 12-24 hours if there is no need.  I am hoping the house survives with no damage, but this is a crazy storm and we will have to see where it hits and what happens.

So it was a good week of celebrating our son and seeing friends, a rough week of dealing with stupid family and weird weather.  Guessing I will check back in once we meet up with Irene.

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