Monday, August 29, 2011

Quick Updates

Tonight was my first night back at PT school and I am tired.  Bonus is that I get to go again tomorrow...and Thursday.

So here is a quickie update:
1.  Earthquake aftershocks suck, but have slowed and are barely noticeable anymore.
2. Hurricane Irene came and went.  Kids and I left town and headed to my sister's as a just in case, but somehow our area did not lose power or have damage. Ryan says the big bands that caused issues in Richmond slid around our town and missed us :)
3. Back to school craziness begins this week, I am back at PT school and we have MS orientation Wednesday and meet the teacher at the elementary school Thursday.  Busy busy.
4.  I do believe Finny has grown a bit, an outfit I put on him today seemed a bit short.  Mind you it is a one piece green striped Mini Boden outfit I got him for around Christmas last year, you know when he was three weeks old.  It WAS a bit big on him then, but he really is a peanut and hasn't grown since March or so.  *sigh*

That's it, let the craziness begin!

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