Monday, August 15, 2011

Away we go...

The week has begun with some positive and negative notes on the horizon.  Today the crew worked on cleaning things up around here while I worked on, well, work!  Last night I sent off the first draft of Chapter 3 of my dissertation, so that is off my plate momentarily.  Tonight we promised the kids a game night, so after dinner we will sit down and play for an hour or so before my weekly work call.

Tomorrow we will go for Finn's appointment. I am dreading it.  It will be over in 24 hours.

Wednesday the hubby took the day off so we have some things to do around the house and basically I hope to cram in some extra family time and togetherness.  Thursday Ryan's Dad may, or may not, "stop by" as he drives by our house on his way to Florida, where he is moving, and he told us Saturday.  Being that we have not seen him in over a year, and he has never even seen Finn, this should be interesting.

Basically, I was looking forward to this week, and now it is kind of out of control.  Deep breaths, deep breaths....

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