Friday, August 5, 2011

PJs and Pots

Today is one of those gloomy, quiet, inside in your PJ type days.  Kid's are being calm, a good side affect of the gray skies, and I have managed to get a lot accomplished this morning.  I have my sitter coming in a bit to wrangle kids while I work on my dissertation all bundled in my polar bear PJ's and dinner is already started.  On a day like today I like to throw a bunch of stuff from the fridge into a pot to see what we can make of it. My theory is, if it tasted yummy the first time, it should taste even better the second :)

Right now I have an diced onion cooking in my dutch oven and once soft I will add some shredded chicken left over from roast chicken the other night.  I also have some left over roasted potatoes that will make their way in at some point and probably some peas later.  I am thinking of adding some Sazon for seasoning, maybe some chicken stock to make a sauce and cilantro if needed for flavor.  Serving it up over basmati rice with cornbread on the side.  Sounds pretty yummy for leftovers!

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