Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is it winter yet?

I don't know why I always think it will be easier/calmer/quieter in the summer, it's not, ever.  Something about the heat which coops up the kids or makes going out a sweaty endeavor is just miserable.  While I love not having a set schedule, I am over the heat and I am anxious for it to finally cool down a bit.

Fall is around the corner, and with it comes my scheduled work time at PT school, a kid starting middle school (EEK!) one starting first grade and one starting fourth.  The babies will both be home all year with me, although I am hoping to get Teagan into an activity or two during the day, playgroups or gymnastics, etc.  She really likes seeing other kids her size, and she is very social, so I want to get her out a bit.  Fitting it into my work schedule will be interesting, but I will make something work for her.

Big kids will keep swimming, it is an easy once a week activity, they all love it and I love their teachers and the school. I am sure Haven will find things she wants to join in MS, so I need room for that along with Ryan's crazy work schedule and my jobs.

Right now I am looking forward to cooler days, days where I want to bake all day and snuggle up with my babies in the afternoons.  Days where it gets dark early so we can all hunker down and spend time together and feel a bit less pressured.  Please let it be a snowy, snowy winter full of glorious fires in the fireplace.

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