Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Grayson is SEVEN!

I cannot believe it, but today our third child and first born son turns SEVEN! Where has the time gone?  Grayson is such a sweet kid, he loves to love on the babies and was so excited when he found out that baby #5 was going to be the brother he had longed for.  He is a funny kid, loves to recite commercials to us and still enjoys being the "baby" of the big kids.

Grayson is a smart kiddo, he did awesome in kindergarten this year and he is excited for first grade to start in a few weeks.  He has recently become a burgeoning video game addict and he loves to play Lego Star Wars and as of today, Lego Harry Potter.  Thankfully he is good about limiting the Wii time and he also really loves his collection of lego sets and can spend hours in his room building and creating.

I could not imagine a day without Gray, he is such an amazing kid!

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