Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please send back up

My four oldest kids sleep.  They sleep fairly well.  To be clear, I could easily put Teagan to bed at 7 pm and not see her until 7 am and it is rare for her to wake at night.  I could also, potentially, tell the big kids I was hitting the hay at 7 when Teagie went to bed and they would go to bed at 8 as directed and I could sleep for 12 hours...except for one.tiny.little.thing. Finn.

Finn simply doesn't sleep at night, like, at all.  He will go to sleep and sleep for an hour or two and then he wants to get up and eat, you know, the newborn schedule except he is pushing 6 months old and I am over the newborn schedule.  By the time I feed him, settle him, am sure he is sleeping and try to go to sleep (I don't fall asleep easily) he is  up again.  Lately I am lucky to get 30 minutes between feedings, so that is 30 minutes before the 11 pm feeding, 30 minutes before the 1 am, 30 minutes before the 3 am feeding and 30 minutes before the 5 am feeding and then I am usually up for the day since Teagan or Brittan are up by 6:30.  Adding that up, that is a grand total of 2 1/2 hours of sleep a night...on a good night and last night was not a good night.  Now I have been snagging an extra hour or so on the days the hubby is home, but I am so sleep deprived it isn't even funny.  I was supposed to go to the store today but don't think I can handle it emotionally or physically...seriously, I have never felt like I couldn't handle a quick run to the store, ever.

So I am not sure what to do now, how to fix this, how to get him to sleep better.  My other kids were not great sleepers, but by this age I was getting a four hour stretch and usually only doing the 11 pm or midnight feeding and one other, but this schedule is really awful.  I know it will pass.  I know someday he will sleep, probably too much as a teenager and I will then torture him with 6 am wake up calls, but for right now, this feels a bit like hell.  Did I mention Teagan has a fever and doesn't feel well and she has been crying at me since 6:30 am?  Today is not going to be a good day.


Michelle said...

not that you need any advice right now, but I LOVED the baby whisperer (of course not all of it) but i swear the methods work and everyone I recommend it to says the same....

temporary fix? it is 5 o'clock somewhere...margarita anyone?

HANG in there!!!!

Tribe Mama said...

Thanks Michelle, I was considering buying out the bookstore on sleep books last night! I think he is in a growth spurt and getting into a daytime schedule, my kids always have problems at night when this happens, although he is the worst by far. I know this will pass, just hoping for a good nights sleep soon :)