Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long day, but great day

Today started a little rough, Finn had a really bad night which I think is due to the addition of solids, it is causing his little belly some stress so I am backing off for a few days so he can regroup.  Once the kiddos left, Ryan and I attacked a few things around the house, slice strawberries and started them in the dehydrator and began to get ready to take the babies to the doctor.  Both babies were due for a shot, we vaccinate but on an alternate schedule and we don't give multiple vaccines on the same visit, so we go in quite a lot for shot visits.  On our way, Haven called from school and needed a change of shoes one of the straps on the shoes she was wearing broke, so Ryan ran those up while I headed to the doctor and he met us there after stopping at the school.  Got Finn weighed since last month he hadn't gained, and he put on just over 1/2 lb this month which is pretty good.  He is a long lean baby, his cheeks are deceiving since they are VERY chubby and he sports a double chin, but he has really long chicken legs and his body is very long and thin.  He reminds me of Brittan as a baby.

After the doctor, Ryan ran to the store and I came home and did lunch for Teagan and put her down for a nap and did some work.  Around 2 I couldn't stand it anymore, I was purely exhausted, so I headed to bed for an hour.  Got up and prepped for canning and Ryan and I got a dozen jars of strawberry jam canned while juggling the kids and making them dinner, it was quite a circus.  Then we scrambled to get ready for our date night.  Sitter came and we left and headed to dinner at a local little Italian joint.  The food was so, so good and it was so nice to have a chance to sit across from my husband and talk without interruptions.  We ate, we chatted, it was perfect.  Came home to four of the five tucked into bed and only my little guy awake, so I worked a bit and then took some time to cuddle him, kiss his sweet toes and get him settled for the night.  Good good night :)

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