Sunday, May 15, 2011

I desire change, but it scares me

Oh change my friend, my enemy!  Hubby had an interview this week, not the best fit for a job but they have another position he will interview for in a week or so....praying the money works because this is a great stepping stone to get us to the "big move" next spring/summer.

I am also applying to jobs, I found a few that would allow me to keep my FT teaching gig and work FT from home, but I feel pretty overwhelmed already most days so the idea of another FT job scares me to death.  I also applied for a teaching position at my alma mater that should allow me to work online until we move and then on campus, lets see if they call.  Right now all we are trying to do is ramp up the income for this last year in VA, we want to save as much as we can and pay off the last little bit of debt as early as possible.  We are so so close, the closest we have ever been, and I am getting anxious.  I am scouring the house listings on Long Island, reviewing the schools, figuring out the real estate tax process (egads it is scary) and trying to make sure that when we do move, we move to the right place, the right house, the right jobs. It is a tad overwhelming.

Fingers crossed that we both get new gigs soon, that they pay a bit more and that we find a way to make this move happen as quickly and easily as possible.

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