Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It happened, I blinked and she grew up

Today my oldest turns 11 and I have no idea how we got here so very fast.  It seems like yesterday that I was stressing about sending her to kindergarten, and in a few short weeks she will graduate from fifth grade and move on to middle school.  Wasn't it last week that she was sitting in the baby tub playing with her foam letters?  Now she talks about music and fashion and she looks so grownup.  Are you sure it wasn't just last Christmas she got that Elmo phone with the loud buttons that made me crazy, yet tomorrow she will wake up and find her first cell phone waiting for her at the table. 

My Haven, my girl, my oldest baby is turning 11 and while I want to make her stop and slow down, I know this is what needs to happen.  Raising her has been an adventure, she has faced a lot of challenges, but we are seeing it come together.  She is so very smart, so kind and so creative.  The last year we have watched her come into herself and I know the next few years she is going to blossom into one amazing young woman.  I am proud she is mine, I am thankful that we were made her parents, and I looking forward to the next 11 years of adventures.

Happy Birthday to the girl who came screaming into the world and made me a mama just before dinnertime on May 24th 2000.  We love you Gravy.

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