Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy is as crazy does

I called my sister and while we were talking I told her I was crazy which she assumed meant work was crazy, which says a lot about both our jobs.  Then I explained that work was fine, and I was ACTUALLY crazy and she laughed because she didn't quite expect me to be calling myself crazy.  It is ok, I go a tad off the deep end around 4-5 months post partum and every May so it is to be expected especially since Finn is just 5 months and well, its May. I am reeling it in and the best part of my crazy is that it lasts a week or two and then goes away for a year, or until I have a baby, but that isn't happening again, well the May thing is but well, you get the idea!  Don't get me wrong, my daily crazy hangs around, but the really whacked out crazy will take a hike for awhile, which is a good thing because there is nothing as awful as being crazy, knowing you are being crazy and not being able to stop the madness. 

Another sign of May in our home, and a much better sign, is strawberry season.  We have strawberry picked for as long as I can remember with the kids every May.  This year we will be hitting the fields Saturday after swim to pick a few flats of berries and then when we get home we will make some fresh strawberry ice cream and Monday will be jam day.  See, crazies are wearing off as we speak!

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